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Identifying Other AZ Tax Deductions and Credits

Az Tax Deductions and State Income Tax Credits provided to apply against increased excise taxes imposed by county governments to the qualified taxpayers. These credits depend on the taxpayer’s income available for each year. The primary goal of the tax credit is to provide financial assistance in the form of tax relief to disabled and […]

Fulfill that altruistic spirit with Arizona charitable tax credit

Arizona is one of the country’s best states when it comes to tax credits for donating to charitable institutions. As a taxpayer in Arizona, you have a unique opportunity to direct your tax money to charities you support and believe in. Making a donation upfront will get you back every dollar in the form of […]

How Arizona School Donation Tax Credits Benefits those in need

Arizona’s School donation tax credit program for private schools has four separate tax credits, two for individuals and two for corporations. These donations are made to qualifying school tuition organizations. An original individual credit is given to students with disabilities who go to preschool and K-12. A Switcher credit made by individuals are scholarships primarily […]

Arizona State Charitable Tax Credit: How it can Help Students in High Poverty

It is unfortunate that several Arizona taxpayers are unaware that they can help students who struggle financially with their education simply by making donations to schools and other non-profit organizations. In doing so, taxpayers also help themselves because they get reductions in their tax liabilities. And this is all because of the Arizona State Charitable […]

Arizona Tax Deductibles Charity-Focused

Charitable giving is one great way to express one’s compassion and show camaraderie, particularly within a community. The State of Arizona shows their appreciation to citizens who are so inclined to share with their fellowmen that they passed a law on it, the Arizona Qualifying Charitable Tax Law. This law does not merely reward charity-giving […]

Charitable tax credit for education, anyone?

Any taxpayer would want their payment for income tax reduced. A tax credit makes this possible since it reduces the amount of income subject to tax; hence, reducing the amount of tax you have to pay, generally. All the taxpayer has to do is understand what a tax credit is, its different types, know which […]

Get to Know Arizona Qualifying charitable organizations

According to the U.S. Treasury, charitable organizations that are exempted for a tax deduction, are non-profit organizations that pursue philanthropic and civic activities. With that being said, not all non-profit organizations have tax exemption benefits. They must comply with the requirements demanded by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). There are a series of preconditions to […]