• By donating, you are participating in the Qualified Charitable Organization Tax Credit program, supporting low income families with their child care/supervision needs. 
  • Up to the maximums allowed by the state, your donation can be taken as a dollar-for dollar-tax credit when you file your Arizona state taxes. 
  • Donations must be received by April 15th, for the prior year’s tax filing.
  • Donated funds are awarded to Schools to be used to support low income family’s child cares / supervision expenses.   
  • Upon completion of your donation, a receipt will be sent to you for tax purposes.

Q: Can I recommend a specific child or organization receive my funds?
A: You can’t recommend a child, but there is a place on the donation form where you can recommend a school or organization receive your funds.

Q: What can these funds be used for?
A: Funds can be used to support the care/supervision of low income children of any age. Examples include:
• Preschool
• Before and aftercare
• Extracurricular activities
• Summer camps

Q: Can any child receive these funds?
A: Low income children, with child care/supervision expenses, attending preschools licensed by DHS, public schools, private schools or charter schools can receive funding.  Funding is sent to the schools to cover specific expenses incurred by a child.

Q: Who is considered low income?
A: For this purpose, the state defines low income as 150% of the federal poverty level.